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Bischofberger Collections


For many years Bruno Bischofberger and his wife Christina have privately collected folk art, twentieth century design, photography and pre-historic stone artworks from around the world. 

In the design collection, which includes furniture, metalwork, jewellery, textiles and posters amongst many other objects, there is a particular focus on glass and ceramics, categories in which most of the main protagonists, from a wide variety of nations, are represented with important groups of work.

The comprehensive collection of folk art consists for the most part of works from the alpine nations of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Nearly all the leading experts in this field have passed away. A scientific interest in antiques in general and folk art in particular is sadly in decline. As a result, Bischofberger has come to be considered the most knowledgeable scholar of European folk art alive today. The collection includes furniture, mostly painted, from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century as well as pictures and religious artefacts in pictorial or sculptural form. While the folk-ethnographic connotations of the included works are relevant, it is more the artistic quality and charisma of the works themselves on which the collection is based.

The collection of prehistoric stone artworks includes objects from most cultures around the world. They consist of axes, vessels, sculptures and religious objects made of stone, in most cases characterised by the simple beauty of their design. Very often this leads to a relationship to works of the other collections, design, folk art and to modern art in general.

The photography collection consists of works from the very earliest times in the history of photography to the present day. A particular focus are the historical photographs of cities and landscapes from the 1850s and 1860s, as well as the estate of Albert Steiner, one of the great landscape photographers from the first half of the twentieth century, who was based in the Engadine Valley in Switzerland. Another focus is fashion and advertising photography of the twentieth century, as well as a large collection of unique photographs by Warhol.


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